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about usThe development of civilization and new technologies is largely the desire to create more friendly, comfortable and safe space around ourselves. The idea of the smart home emerged from that desire.

Smart home is the concept that is able to capture everyone’s imagination. Unfortunately, a reflection on the cost of a truly automated home most often, but unnecessarily, quickly cools that imagination. Until a few years ago, when every change in the conventional building was regarded as a risky experiment - cost of smart home was too high for many customers. Times have changed and today we use new materials, think about safety and energy saving, have many manufacturers, greater competition and therefore prices are much better. The development of new technologies is so fast that today we know many people who cannot do without smart systems and home appliances that make their lives more comfortable and make it possible to feel safe without the need to remember about many activities connected with own home.

When we heard of smart systems for the first time, we have become their real enthusiasts. This fascination was the reason why we established Gurita...

The company develops quickly and gains new customers owing to professionalism, honesty and competence - we have the best qualified engineering staff with passion and dedication to what they do. Owing to that we are able to perform each non-standard and complicated task that many companies are afraid to undertake or simply says that it is unfeasible because it is beyond their power - for us there are no impossible things. The customer looks for a solution, invests money and waits for meeting their requirements - and we think, give advice, design and perform a task to surprise and satisfy the customer.

Over 15 years of work of the company owner in electrical and automation industry. The knowledge and experience gained during performance of extensive installations over the last years in Europe (last 5 years mainly in UK) provide our customers with continuous technical support and the best maintenance service - we never leave the customer alone with problems. We focus on quality, expectations and satisfaction of the customer.
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Many years of cooperation with the specialised distributors of building automation i.e. automation of gates, lighting, roller blinds and heating, CCTV systems, alarm systems and many other systems enable us to offer you expert consulting and comprehensive installation of almost every building automation system and the best maintenance service and professional assistance if required (even when the systems were not installed by us and the system installer left you in the lurch).

We do our best to keep up to date with new technologies and therefore we undergo specialised training and obtain certificates to have the most extensive knowledge and skills.
The knowledge and experience determines our professionalism that is noticed by the customers.
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We are qualified to design, commission
and diagnose smart home and building solutions based on KNX.
We are certified KNX partner.

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Let’s turn your idea into a
great project

Copyright © 2019 Gurita Inc. All rights reserved. Created by:

Let’s turn your idea into a
great project

Copyright © 2019 Gurita Inc. All rights reserved.
Created by:



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