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The success of our business is not possible without required qualifications, continuous development and knowledge of electrical market. We have qualified personnel with necessary licenses and certificates to install and inspect electrical systems and to take acceptance and periodic measurements. Being open to new technologies we want our services to meet the worldwide standards. To achieve that, our projects are designed and implemented using renowned products from the electrical installation industry. We know the market perfectly and owing to that each project and task is well thought out and implemented using the latest techniques.

We mainly install electrical systems intended for building automation systems that is smart homes. We are focused on our customers’ satisfaction and therefore we always do our best to meet your expectations and additionally we provide long warranty for our services.

We also offer our customers a service contract. The purpose of our Service Contract is to offer our customers the advantage of having their annual services automatically scheduled and performed. Our Service Contract also offers our contracted customers the advantage of a reduced labour rate on repairs, priority scheduling and the option of emergency service calls.

We are specialists in the area of automation, security and CCTV systems and owing to that you can be sure that everything will be done correctly and nothing will be omitted at the stage of construction works.


We quite often encounter a situation with an ordinary electrical company that cables are output to wrong places or something is omitted without consultation with a specialist in the area of automation or alarm systems. 99% of successively installed electrical system is cabling. Such a mistake is unimportant at the stage before finishing works, but very important when house renovation is finished and we are missing a cable in a room or it is not in a place where it should be. A very often mistake that causes many problems in the future is wrong cabling for motion detectors of the alarm system. Not many people think of that at the construction stage and later we have a lot of problems with false alarms – that is why appropriate knowledge, experience and specialisation are of importance.

While on the subject of electrical engineering, we would like to mention on guaranteed power supply systems installed by us, in particular the ones intended for low voltage circuits, including surveillance and security systems.
On the market, for example, there are many companies offering excellent CCTV systems, however most of them forget about critical thing for their operation i.e. effective and failure-free power supply.
What happens in a situation when power is cut out by intruders? Or simply a power failure occurs?

An answer is simple – your house will not be protected and the fact you spent a lot of money on a super system is out of importance – because your equipment is useless.
An UPS is also an insufficient solution as such a device offers back-up of maximum up to 30 minutes.

Our guaranteed power supply systems are based on the special back-up power supplies provided with gel battery blocks to offer reliable and stable power. Without a problem we can offer from 6 to 24 hour continuous operation of the security system during the mains power failure depending on the equipment configuration. Those power supplies have an additional advantage i.e. they protect your equipment against interference from mains, filter it and provide stable power with constant output parameters. Owing to that your equipment operation is more stable and not exposed to faults caused by mains interference.


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Let’s turn your idea into a
great project

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