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We offer installation of the new complete system or extension and modification of the existing CCTV monitoring systems. Monitoring systems are one of the most popular solutions to protect residential property or company’s premises by installation of CCTV cameras in critical locations.

Monitoring advantages:

 Increase in sense of safety
 Surveillance and monitoring of sites without the physical need for people to be present there
 Theft prevention
 Explanation of events that occurred at the location being monitored

We offer the professional installation of the monitoring system based on the latest digital technology and highest recording resolution (IP monitoring) and budget systems (Turbo HD CCTV).


Why is it worth to choose us?

 We offer free calculation service
 Our staff consists of the best specialists and engineers who are experts in telecommunication and network systems
 We have extensive experience
 We are among few companies that install the CCTV systems with guaranteed recording and remote access in case of power failure (we guarantee even 24-hour system operation during power failure) – many companies install the CCTV systems but they do not provide guaranteed power supply. A normal UPS is also not sufficient… What happens if there is no power supply? Read more…
 We prepare the project matched to your needs
 The installations are matched to your budget and needs
 We provide warranty for the installation and equipment
 We provide 24-hour service, maintenance and post-warranty service

Brands offered:

Let’s turn your idea into a
great project

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Let’s turn your idea into a
great project

Copyright © 2019 Gurita Inc. All rights reserved.
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