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We offer the professional installation of the monitoring system based on the latest digital technology and highest recording resolution (IP monitoring) and budget systems (Turbo HD CCTV).
Our CCTV offer is divided into three quality levels according to the recording resolution.

The higher the recording resolution, the better the system quality. Owing to high recording resolution, you are able to zoom in objects that are at a far distance, but still being in the camera’s eye. And most importantly, when zoomed in the objects are sharp, making it possible to recognise face, read text or vehicle’s registration number etc...

If you are planning to install monitoring in your company or home, you should contact us, because we will advise you and show example records from different equipment configurations or even we can make quality tests of different resolution cameras of an object chosen by you in your presence.

With us, you always know what you choose and what you pay for.

Example bronze kit (recording resolution of FULL HD)

1 sample FHD 1 1 sample FHD 2


Example silver kit (recording resolution of 2K)

2 sample 2k 1 2 sample 2k 2


Example gold kit (recording resolution of 4K)

3 sample 4k 1 3 sample 4k 2

Brands offered:

Let’s turn your idea into a
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Let’s turn your idea into a
great project

Copyright © 2019 Gurita Inc. All rights reserved.
Created by:



1 sample FHD 2


2 sample 2k 1


2 sample 2k 2


3 sample 4k 1


3 sample 4k 2