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Make your home smarter by installing the smart home system

Smart home systems are becoming more and more common in houses, because they are the unified home automation systems to control e.g. lighting, heating, access control and alarm systems and appliances. The customer may match the home automation system to its needs and extend it. Moreover, the system makes people’s life comfortable, because it can control operation of actuators that automatically close windows and roller blinds or control your garden automatic watering system.




In new or old building?

Popular wired smart home systems are recommended for new buildings being constructed, but house renovation is also a good opportunity to install additional wiring and hide wires in the wall. Generally, the best moment to make a decision on installation of the smart home system is the building design stage. If it is probable that we will decide to install the smart home system in future, it is worth to run additional wiring when electrical system is installed in a new house. In an existing building, it is easiest to use the wireless smart home system. It works on the same principle as the wired system, but sensors or switches do not require cabling (therefore it is possible to change their locations e.g. after changing the room arrangement and put them in non-typical places). All modern boilers, air conditioners and ventilation systems installed in houses have power provided, and therefore their interfacing with the smart home system requires only information exchange, which will be ensured by a wireless system. It will be only required to supply power to actuators.


Flexible and open system is desirable

The smart home system design is always individual and adapted to a particular house and users’ requirements. It should be possible to extend the system. However, it depends not only on the suitable design, but also on the technology type used. The smart home systems available on the market can usually be reprogrammed and further devices can be connected to them. It is worth to check what extension possibilities are offered by the system chosen by us, because the smart home term is sometimes exaggerated for a quite simple automation system. There are open and closed systems. In case of open systems, software and devices are manufactured by many companies and they are compatible to each other (e.g. products of the popular KNX system are manufactured by more than 100 companies). By choosing a closed system, you cannot use products coming from different manufacturers.

We are among few companies that offer many smart home systems and we design a bespoke system specifically for your expectations and physical possibilities. Please remember that it is never too late to have a smart home even if your house was constructed a long time ago. We offer stable systems, whose implementation does not require expensive changes of wiring and associated construction works. Everything can be done without construction mess, dust and debris.

The smart home must provide comfort and be user friendly. It is our job to advice you and help you create the individual smart home you will be satisfied with, and that will provide benefits such savings in electricity and gas bills, possibilities of remote control of home even when you are away. Find out more on how technology can help you in everyday life.
It is up to you to choose what you really need. You do not have to spend much money to have all smart circuits – many of them you will not be using at all and the system may become too complicated. Therefore, trust our experience and we will interview you to know your requirements and make a presentation, and you will decide what you really need. And finally we will install the system for you for less than others. Owing to our system that will be cooperating with you, you can create your new home that will create your own world.

Smart home offers many possibilities. Below we present the list of possibilities and benefits of the smart home system.



Smart home – Heating control system

Do you dream of coming back home where it is warm and cosy when it is cold outside?
Do you notice that some rooms are cold and some rooms are hot, although heating is running normally?
Are your energy bills high but your home is not warm enough?
We have the solution for those problems - the Smart home enables you to choose optimum temperatures for each room in your home, and moreover it recognizes the present state of your home depending on the weather or other situations such as no one at home, open windows or door, a sudden decrease in temperature etc.

 The most important advantages of the smart heating control system are:

- the system can be implemented for each type of heating systems;
- many heating zones (most often the number of zones corresponds to the number of rooms)
- precise temperature control
- individual temperature control programmes for each zone;
- extensive schedules adapted to each user;
- noticeable comfort and savings;
- possibility of remote control.

The system turns off heating when you are away and it heats home before you come back.

You can manage temperature in your home in any way, from traditional controllers, touch panels, as well as using applications in your smartphone.
It is simple and comfortable – see for yourself.

Smart home – Lighting control system

Depending on a season, time of day or situation, we need different lighting. Light should encourage us to get out of bed in cold mornings, ensure comfort for eyes during work and create nice atmosphere when we relax in the evening.

Owing to the smart system you can adjust lighting depending on how you and other household members wish.

Lighting is adjusted to your daily rhythm and at the same time energy is saved.


The most important advantages of the smart lighting control system are:

- possibility of any configuration of light switches to control any lighting point or group of lighting points;
- possibility of creating lighting scenes – one click adjusts all lighting points;
- no necessity of remembering lights being left on – lighting control using presence sensors;
- automatic switching off lighting points when they are not needed;
- presence simulation – you are often away from home – during the day while you are at work, in the evenings doing sport, visiting relatives at the weekend or going on holiday. A quiet dark home might attract unwanted attention from intruders. So you want to be sure that your home is well-protected in your absence. Presence simulation, a practical function offers preventive burglary protection. Once activated, it automatically controls connected devices and lamps: it switches on the light in rooms and the radio in the bathroom for a while, for instance, so it looks as if you are at home.
- extensive schedules adapted to each user;
- noticeable comfort and savings;
- possibility of remote control.


Smart outdoor control

A good smart home system offers many possibilities. A very useful feature is the possibility of smart control of not only the inside of the house, but also the area surrounding the house!
All outdoor installations and devices can be integrated into the system for your safety, comfort and convenience.

An automatic gate that recognizes vehicles and opens, smart lawn sprinklers that respond to real-time weather conditions... Those are only some of the smart system possibilities – reveal them yourself with out professional help.

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Let’s turn your idea into a
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