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Climate change and resulting risk of intense and more frequent storms cause us to verify again our opinion on lighting strike protection. Taking into account current weather conditions and a higher risk of a lighting strike into our house or other site, it is worth to consider whether we should equip our house with the professional lightning and surge protection system to prevent electrical and electronic equipment from being destroyed. The cost of the system is relatively low when compared not only to the entire investment, but also to possible damage caused by lightning or power surges.

A lightning strike may cause thermal or mechanical damage or dangerous sparking. Damage effects may result not only from direct discharge, but also through indirect electromagnetic coupling that causes induced voltage and current surges.

What is a power surge? A power surge is an abnormally high voltage, lasting for a short period of time, above the maximum voltage value of the electrical system or equipment.

The effects of a power surge can be powerful – starting from failures in electronics and computer equipment, damage of a home electrical system to dangerous electrical fires of equipment that can spread through a house.

The lower operating voltage of a piece of equipment (phone chargers, laptops, TVs, audio and stereo systems, household appliances etc.), the higher probability of equipment explosion or fire. In this case, property damage may not be limited to a charger, but may extend to the entire house.

How to protect yourself and the electrical system against lightning and surges?

To meet conditions of the effective protection, it is not enough to choose materials of suitable quality.

An effective earthing system, suitable selection of equipment for our protection system and correct installation are critical.

What things should you pay attention to in order to ensure that your home is safe?

As we demonstrated earlier, you cannot ignore the risks described above. You can take safety measures and protect your home against effects of storms and power surges.

The devices used for protection are surge arresters.

Therefore, pay attention if the company installing the electrical systems in your home takes care of your property safety and if they offer suitable protection systems and surge arresters.

Do not save on your own safety, because it is very often a false economy that generates unnecessary problems and costs in the future!

Our company have been installing lightning and surge protection systems for many years. Each system is considered individually – we design, choose the suitable equipment, and all this to ensure that the system installed is safe, effective and protects your property as good as possible.

The critical for both protection systems is a very effective earthing system that is subject to ongoing assessment and measurements during installation by us. Only an effective earthing system ensures effective operation of the remaining equipment and protects you against lightning strike or surge effects in the electrical system.

We have many years of experience in installation of such protection systems.

If you have any questions, please contact us via our contact form or by phone – we will be glad to answer your questions and advise you the best solutions!



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Let’s turn your idea into a
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