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Professional Security Alarm Systems

In these times of high crime rates, the security alarm systems have become a necessary component of each house, flat or business. More advanced alarm systems significantly increase the safety of people and property. Development of electronic systems ensures higher detection effectiveness and high resistance to false alarms. Nowadays the security systems are becoming more available and popular. Study shows security systems reduce number of crimes influencing the public perception of safety i.e. thefts and burglaries. However, the level of such crimes is still quite high and according to the police statistics hundreds of houses are burgled every day.

With the development of the security alarm systems, end users’ expectations are raised. This requires better qualifications for people responsible for sale and installation on the one hand and generates more interesting solutions and innovations implemented by manufacturers that race to meet their expectations on the other hand. But the equipment on its own is not sufficient. Only a well thought and designed project adapted to individual needs makes sense.

Here we would like to focus on the issues of providing the best possible protection today and present the available alarm systems and the way our installation company creates individual alarm system projects.

Types of alarm systems

Bells-only alarms make a noise but don’t contact anyone. They are sometimes referred to as “audible only” alarms and are the most common type of alarm available. They normally ring for around 20 minutes before shutting off. However, it is important to note that the police will not respond to one of these alarms unless there is some other indication that a burglary is taking place. Without anyone to stop a break-in, the alarm on its own may not deter burglars. This the most basic option that may not protect against property damage.

Another type of alarm systems is a Dialler burglar alarm.

A dialler burglar alarm will automatically dial your phone number or other trusted list of phone numbers (family member, friends etc). Some systems send a text or notification through an app to your phone or your tablet. It will be up to you then to evaluate the situation remotely and call the police if necessary.

This system is still not fully sufficient, because there is a risk that burglars may break in and damage property and the fact of receiving the notification does not change anything and you will be only aware that the alarm has been triggered for some reason. Another important thing is that a false alarm may occur and you may be unnecessarily disturbed, because without an additional system you are not able to check what really happened. In such a situation, monitoring with cameras allows you to find out what is really going on. Therefore, it is worth to consider using the CCTV system. Having a camera view on a screen, you are able to assess quickly where the alarm comes from and if someone tries to break into your house or not. Owing to that you are 100% sure that the alarm is true and you need the police that is to be quickly informed of an incident to take action.
For us in Gurita, the above protection is still not sufficient, because we think of any possible property damage before the alarm is triggered e.g. someone may break into our house or steal our car that is parked in front of the house etc… Do you think similarly? Let’s get to the point…

It is time to present the two-zone security system (outdoor and indoor one) that becomes more and more popular also for houses and premises.

The idea is, that owing to the outdoor system (e.g. around a house), the alarm is triggered and may deter burglars before they try to break into a house, causing property damage.

The system can be installed in two ways (everything depends on which stage of the process of building a house it is – if a house is finished and there is the indoor alarm system or not). When there is the indoor system, it may be more beneficial to install the separate outdoor system. But when there is not any system installed, it is better to choose the system adapted to a separate zone operation – great savings on equipment. We are to give you professional advice and perform analysis and optimization of possibilities.

An additional advantage of the outdoor system is that it can operate separately even if you are at home and walk through the entire house (e.g. at a set time the system is armed automatically to protect the outdoor zone at night. Owing to that you have additional protection of property located outdoor e.g. car, motorbike etc.).

No one will say that. But we do. Unfortunately, there are no algorithms for offering the best and 100% effective security system. No one will guarantee that you protect your home from a burglary in spite of having the most expensive system and security measures. Is there any solution for that…?

We think that each site must be considered individually to avoid routine. Only well thought project ensures high performance. Therefore, we divide our design process into successive stages that must be carried out for most projects to achieve the best result – this is our recipe for success.
Now we would like to describe all stages of our designing.

First stage: advising (security survey, analysis of weak points and risk assessment);

Second stage: system planning – idea and initial quote, alternative solutions, assessment, option selection, preparation of the system idea;

Third stage: designing – system configuration, planning the details (materials, installation, commissioning, training, schedule of works), technical project, quote, installation lead time;

Fourth stage: system installation and commissioning – supply, installation, commissioning, training, as-built documentation;

Fifth stage: system service – system operation, system maintenance and service, site surveillance.

In our opinion a well designed security alarm system should ensure that the time of forcing the mechanical protections by an intruder is longer than the total time of the alarm system triggering and the police arrival.

The outdoor security system significantly increases the cost of the entire system installed, but it shortens time of intrusion detection, which increases the possibility of response before an intruder makes any damage. No one is to be convinced for the advantages of using the outdoor security. And of course, like each solution, it has disadvantages, but as we said earlier there are no ideal solutions.

Please contact us to get the detailed information.

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Let’s turn your idea into a
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